Mintos updates risk scores

2 months, 1 week ago - December 02, 2022
Mintos updates risk scores
Mintos has updated the risk scores on its Notes, to provide a “more granular approach” for investors. Risk scores will now be rounded to one decimal place, to offer a more detailed insight into the risk profile of a Note.

The intention is to help investors distinguish the differences between Notes for lending companies with similar scores. For instance, before the new scores were introduced, Notes which had a risk score of 6.5 and 7.4 were both previously listed as 7.

Mintos said that there have been no changes to how risk is assessed, the only difference is how the scores are being displayed on the platform.

“Because of this more detailed approach, the Mintos conservative strategy, which previously displayed Notes with a Mintos risk score of 7 or above, now shows Notes with a Mintos risk score of 6.5 or above,” the platform added.

“And for existing custom automated strategies, the Mintos risk score filter for Notes is more precise. For example, Notes with a previous Mintos risk score filter of 7 now show a score in the 6.5 – 7.4 range.”

On 28 November, Mintos reported that Notes have become available for Planet42 South Africa.

Meanwhile, Notes for Credifiel – one of the largest Mexican payroll lending companies – will come with a tiered cashback offer until 11 December.

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