7 Companies Making Alternative Investments 'Not-So-Alternative'

1 month, 2 weeks ago - December 21, 2022
7 Companies Making Alternative Investments 'Not-So-Alternative'
It may be time to coin a new term for alternative investments since many of these asset classes are turning mainstream and are finding a place in more retail investors’ portfolios.

Gone are the days of individual investors settling for the limited number of investment vehicles available to them while institutions enjoy exclusive access to assets like commercial real estate, farmland, private REITs and inventory financing.

To highlight some of the companies making these investments available to more people, Benzinga hosted a live virtual alternative investing event this week. Viewers got to hear directly from seven different investment platforms that are making alternative assets more accessible to individual investors.

Elevate.Money – a platform that gives retail investors access to commercial real estate portfolios.

“For as little as $100, 5 minutes and a few clicks of a button, anyone can now invest in a portfolio of income-producing real estate.” - Sachin Jhangiani, Co-Founder and CMO.

FarmTogether – a platform that provides opportunities for retail investors to invest in US Farmland.

“Farming has done tremendously well in periods of recession, 2022 is no exception.” - Artem Milinchuk, Founder and Head of Strategy and Special Projects.

Kickfurther – a platform that connects businesses in need of inventory with investors who help bridge the funding gap.

“It’s a marketplace where business and participants - we call them buyers - come together.” - David Koifman, Vice President of Sales. Erik Straub, Head of Product and Co-Founder, was also in attendance.

RealtyMogul - an online marketplace for investing in commercial real estate.

“Real estate has always been location, location, location. Our adage is people, people, people.” - Brian Sigler, Managing Director of Investor Relations.

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